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Chad Brock fucks Clay Towers

Men Over 30

It’s been a year since we’ve seen this week’s surprise on, Mr. Clay Towers. Clay is 35 and originally from Chicago. Clay is the better half of a familiar face here on which belongs to Chad Brock. Clay’s flipping through a magazine on the couch waiting for Chad to show up. Chad arrives and pulls the magazine out of his hands.

When Clay looks up he sees his boyfriend’s in full leather. “Are you gonna behave this time?” Chad barks. “Yes, Sir” Clay responds. Chad taunts, ‘Am I gonna have to rough you up again?” Chad finally pulls his cock free as Clay goes for it. Denied! He needs to ask first.  After asking Chad for permission, he goes for it as he starts to savor his cock. Chad impales his throat as he bobs his head roughly on his hard cock.

He goes back to sucking on that meat for a while until Chad feels it’s time to return the favor. He goes to work on Clay’s cock but teasing him and ordering him around the whole time. Once his cock is satisfied for the time being he gets on all four and offers his ass up to his slave’s skilled tongue. Clay gets in there tongue first as he eats Chad’s hole.

Chad spreads Clay’s beefy cheeks apart to get a look at that ass he’ll soon own. “It’s all yours, Sir” says Clay seconds before Chad slides his cock inside. Chad pounds his hole harder then switches it up as he sits back and has Clay ride him. Missionary is next as they move to the couch. Clay knows who that ass belongs to as Chad goes right back to fucking his tight ass. Chad starts to slam his meat deep as Clay jerks his cock faster. He explodes all over his stomach as Chad fucks it out of him. Chad pulls out next and unloads all over Clay’s cum covered cock.

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Dirty cocksucker Dolan

Hairy man Dolan loves sucking cock. But he’s a dirty cocksucker. He loves slobbering all over a nice piece of meat. And that’s perfect because leatherman Marco de Brute loves face fucking a hungry cocksucker. This video opens with Dolan lashed to a wooden rack. Marco teases and taunts him, calling him nasty names, and even spits in his face. But Dolan loves it.

When Marco finally releases Dolan, the hairy man falls to his knees and shows his appreciation. After sucking Marco’s cock for a long time, this dirty cocksucker turns his attention to his other hole. Bending over he presents Marco with his very hairy ass. And Marco is only too happy to plow it mercilessly. Head over to Butch Dixon and check out the free previews of this nasty suck and fuck session.

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