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Hairy stud David Camacho jerks off

David Camacho jerks his uncut cock

A burly, hairy, Hispanic stud, he looks mean, and you’re not quite sure if he’s going to hit you or kiss you, but its worth the risk. David Camacho is a sexy guy, with a big dark dick and a hairy hole thats just begging to be eaten out. We love the fur from neck, to nipples, to naval to nuts and beyond, keep em hairy!

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Matteo Valentine jerks off and tries sounding

Matteo Valentine

Matteo Valentine is a rare find. The bearded, tattooed guy is sexy as fuck, adorable, and definitely boyfriend material. Yes, he’s the type you can take home to mother. Except that there’s a playful, coy streak running through him that caught our attention.

So, after finding out that he enjoys experimenting with new things, and lives by his motto — you should try everything at least once, if not three times — we decided to push and, to our surprise, were pleased when he said yes!

Just imagine that thick, fat Scottish cock held up while he tries on sounding. But don’t worry, it’s not for long. Soon Matteo’s got his fist wrapped around that fat piece of meat, stroking like mad, his big balls bouncing before he unloads with hot jizz all over his furry belly. Definitely a treat for those of you who enjoy hairy men.

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Johnny Hazzard’s prison 3way with Gio Cruz and Aitor Crash

Johnny Hazard, Gio Cruz and Aitor Crash

I think we’ve all had those gay prison sex fantasies haven’t we? I know I’ve read a few stories about real guys who went into prison completely straight and soon found out how much they liked the taste of cock, and how much they really liked to fuck with other guys too.

So when I see a video with a gay prison sex theme I’m definitely downloading it, and I always know that it’s gonna get me shooting hard by the end of it. I especially know it’s gonna be a hot shoot when guys like Aitor Crash, Gio Cruz and Johnny Hazzard are involved!

Johnny Hazzard is the gorgeous and rough looking inked hunk locked up alongside muscle man Aitor Crash in this video, with prison guard Gio Cruz horny to watch some man-on-man action between the two.

But who wouldn’t, right? Just look at those guys, you’d have to be straighter than straight to not want to see them sucking each other off and fucking some ass!

The gorgeous Johnny Hazzard is always hungry for cock, and he wastes no time sucking back the solid tool of his muscled cell partner as their gay prison fuck gets underway. Gio Cruz watches on, revealing his own throbbing shaft and jerking off to the sight as the men go at each other, sucking their cellmate off before Johnny Hazzard willingly offers up his slightly hairy hole for Aitor Crash to ram!

Bent over and stuffed with dick from both ends, Johnny Hazzard blows Gio’s big banana cock through the bars as Aitor Crash fills him with his inches from behind!

This is one fucking hot shoot, and you’ll only be cooled off at the end with some splashing loads of jizz as all the guys let loose and empty their balls!

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Roman Wright solo for Butch Dixon

Butch Dixon

I’m happy to add Roman Wright to the list of rugged, hansdome men who have come my way from America lately. Roman had just stepped off a plane after a 12 hour flight, so I filled the tub with hot suds for him to soak his muscles in. And what muscles.

As the soapy water glistened over them , matting the thick rug of fur on his chest, we began to talk and as Roman relaxed, we got to talking about sex… it wasn’t long before that thick dick of his started swelling and throbbing above the waterline. As Roman soaped hos hairy balls and let a sudsy hand slip down between the cheeks of his ass, teasing his hole with a couple of fingers, his hard cock was rigid against his furry belly and obviously aching for release.

We continued to talk a little as he stroked his cock, gently at first, then with the intensity of a man who really needs to shoot a load. And shoot a load he did; a big thick load that glistened on his belly before being washed away by hot water. The look on Roman’s face one of pure bliss.

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Harley Everett fucks Justin King

Harley and Justin at Butch Dixon

Justin King is one of the new guys over at Butch Dixon. He’s a cock hungry bottom and he can ride a cock for hours. He loves to be manhandled and wants his ass to be stuffed. If there is one Butch Dixon guy who would make a perfect partner for Justin, it has got to be Harley Everett. Guess what? Yup, he’s riding Justin’s hungry ass in this episode. The video starts with some cock-sucking, but it doesn’t take long before Harley prepares Justin’s ass with a large dildo, loosening it up a bit before he shoves his big dick deep inside Justin’s ass.

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Pedro Paliza fucks Geoffrey Plaine

Butch Dixon video

Pedro Paliza is a hot Spanish guy and he’s packing a fat uncut cock. In this scene from Butch Dixon, Pedro is paired up with American gay porn star Geoffrey Paine. The two men start off with a little kissing, then Geoffrey gets to work on Pedro’s thick uncut cock. It’s a beautiful piece of meat, about 9 inches long and sheathed in foreskin.

Pedro gets down on his knees and services Geoffrey’s big cock. When Geoffrey wants to get his ass fucked, he climbs on top of Pedro, who is lying across the couch, and the two men get into some heavy kissing. Pedro’s big fuck pole is sliding between Geoffrey’s muscled ass cheeks and teasing the poor bastard.

Finally, Geoffrey sits on Pedro’s ass and the fucking begins. These two men fuck all over that couch in every position imaginable. And it’s not over until they spew their cum loads all over each other. Oh and there’s some great cockdocking in this video as well.

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