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Lucas Knowles fucks Jason Torres

Lucas Knowles is a beefy, Polish stud with a huge, uncut cock. He knows it’s big and he knows men love getting a chance to suck it. Lucas is also a bit of a pig. He doesn’t usually suck dick and he doesn’t get fucked. When Butch Dixon paired Lucas up with Jason Torres, a sexy, hairy and bearded man, it was Jason who did all the work.

Until now Jason Torres has only topped in his Butch Dixon videos, but today he’s getting dicked for the first time on the hairy man site. And Lucas Knowles has the perfect cock for it. Jason is sitting in a red, leather chair when Lucas enters the room. The Polish hunk walks around the chair and starts poking his huge cock into Jason’s neck. Eventually Jason can’t take it, he’s got to have that massive piece of meat in his mouth. And he does a great job sucking it.

Once Lucas has had his fill of Jason’s mouth, he turns his attention to the bearded stud’s ass. Jason kneels on the chair and Knowles fucks him silly. In the scene’s creamy climax, Jason sits back in the chair and Lucas jerks off all over him, covering Jason’s hairy chest and belly with a big load of spunk. Then Jason grunts out his cum and adds it to his already messy belly. This is one hot, full-service video and hungry cocksuckers aren’t going to want to miss it.

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Troy Halston and Brock Russell

Today we have a hot duo on as we welcome back Troy Halston and Brock Russell. They sit chatting about working in the business; how glad they both are that this will be a twink free set and about how hot each other look. That leads to stroking more than just a couple of egos as they start to make out. Troy takes off Brock’s tee to get a better look at his playmate and he likes what he sees.

They strip each other’s clothes off and Brock gets on his knees for a closer inspection of the tent in Troy’s briefs. He wraps his lips around that cock and get to work. Troy is rock hard as Brock nurses on his meat. “Damn you suck good cock” he grunts as he fucks his mouth. Troy loves the attention he’s getting but soon wants to taste Brock’s thick cock. He kneels and gets a mouthful as Brock moans is approval. Troy can’t get enough of Brock as he orders him to bend over so he can feast on that smooth ass.

He dives in tongue first as he gets that beefy ass ready for some fucking. “Fuck yeah” Brock grunts as he struggles to accommodate that hard cock. “Don’t fuckin’ hold back’ Brock moans, ‘pound my hole!” Troy is more than happy to oblige as he slams his dick in deeper. Brock switches it up as he flips the script and puts the porn vet on his back and gives him a taste of his own medicine. “Damn that’s good cock” grunts Troy as he gets that hole stretched wide.

Troy then takes the lead back as he sits back and has Brock sit on his meat. Brock rides him harder and faster and it sends Troy over the edge. He stands and unloads all over Brock’s smooth pecs and abs. Brock follows suit as he busts his own batch all over his cum-soaked abs. Damn, Daddies.

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Uncut Hairy Scottish Man

Alan Knight has appeared a couple of times on Butch Dixon and he’s back for his first solo jerk-off session. A few months back, Alan and his real-life lover, John Connery, did a steamy session for Butch Dixon. But this is the first time we’ve had this sexy and hairy Scottish man all to ourselves. His interview really lets us drink in that sexy Scottish accent. Then Alan whips out his big uncut cock and starts jerking.

After a few minutes of working his hard dick and playing with his foreskin, Alan shoots a tremendous load all over his hairy belly. Head over to Butch Dixon and check out his free preview video. And while you’re there, don’t miss is new hardcore restroom sex video where he and his lover, John, force an unruly bar patron to service their dicks in the washroom. It’s a hot fourway sex video that ends in a three-load facial cumshot!

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Dillon Buck fucks Junior Stellano

Junior Stellano has arrived to deliver a new sofa, but when the door opens, humpy Dillon Buck is standing in a towel. After Junior wheels the sofa inside and uncrates it, Dillon pats his towel and says, “I should give you a tip, but I have to get my wallet.” Junior boldly gropes Dillon’s crotch and says, “This tip will do just fine.” The two hairy men launch into a passionate kissing session, and then Junior drops to his knees to see how much of Dillon Buck’s 9.5-inch cock he can manage to swallow.

He does just fine and deep throat’s Dillon right down to the balls. Junior gets down on all fours on the sofa and Dillon chows down on his ass for what seems like an eternity. With Junior’s hole well spit-lubed, Dillon starts inching his huge dick inside. “Man, that’s a huge dick!” Junior moans. Dillon pounds Junior’s ass relentlessly, and you can see how much Junior is loving it.

When Dillon flips Junior over, it’s too much for the hairy Italian stud and he creams all over his furry belly. Then Junior kneels down and Dillon plasters a thick load of spunk all over Junior’s face with great gobs of jizz dripping down onto his hairy chest.

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