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Dillon Buck fucks Junior Stellano

Junior Stellano has arrived to deliver a new sofa, but when the door opens, humpy Dillon Buck is standing in a towel. After Junior wheels the sofa inside and uncrates it, Dillon pats his towel and says, “I should give you a tip, but I have to get my wallet.” Junior boldly gropes Dillon’s crotch and says, “This tip will do just fine.” The two hairy men launch into a passionate kissing session, and then Junior drops to his knees to see how much of Dillon Buck’s 9.5-inch cock he can manage to swallow.

He does just fine and deep throat’s Dillon right down to the balls. Junior gets down on all fours on the sofa and Dillon chows down on his ass for what seems like an eternity. With Junior’s hole well spit-lubed, Dillon starts inching his huge dick inside. “Man, that’s a huge dick!” Junior moans. Dillon pounds Junior’s ass relentlessly, and you can see how much Junior is loving it.

When Dillon flips Junior over, it’s too much for the hairy Italian stud and he creams all over his furry belly. Then Junior kneels down and Dillon plasters a thick load of spunk all over Junior’s face with great gobs of jizz dripping down onto his hairy chest.

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Greedy Bear gets two Cocks

Ben can get awfully greedy but in an endearing kind of way. Who wouldn’t get greedy when you’ve got hot and big-dicked muscle-bears Paxton Hall and Roman Wright fighting to get inside your warm hole? Move over Ben. We’re greedy too. Watch as these two take turns fucking Ben by the hot tub in this hot scene from our new movie Bay City Bears.

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