Troy Halston fucks Chad Brock’s hungry hole

Tony Halston fucks Chad Brock

Today we have two well seasoned men on Men Over 30 that have both made impressive careers for themselves in the industry, Chad Brock and Troy Halston. Troy is hanging out when Chad comes in with a cool napkin on his brow. He got a new piercing over his brow so Troy goes in to kiss it and make it all better. Troy then unbuttons his shirt so that Chad can return the favor and kiss the piercings he has on his nips.

They start to make out before Troy sits back and starts to rub his cowboy boot into Chad’s crotch. Chad gets on his knees, “Swallow that cock” coos Troy as he watches Chad swallow his hard dick. They go back to making out before Chad finds himself back on his knees deep throating that cock while Troy fucks his face.

Troy then orders Chad to get on the couch, Troy expertly swallows that cock to the hilt making Chad squirm in ecstasy. Troy gets up flipping Chad’s legs up over his head so he can get at that hole. He dives in tongue first as he gets that hole ready for a proper fucking. Once that ass is nice and wet, Troy moves into position and slides that dick in deep. He goes right to fucking Chad missionary as Chad moans with delight.

He then flips Chad over onto his knees so he can go back to ramming that ass doggy style. “You like that fat cock in your ass?” Troy teases. Troy’s low hangers are slapping away at Chad’s hole as he picks up the pace. Chad’s getting exactly what the doctor ordered—dick! Troy pounds him pistoning his cock deep inside sending Chad over the edge as he shoots his wad all over his chest and face. Troy pulls out and unloads his own batch all over Chad’s cum covered chest and face.

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Hairy hunk Victor West solo

Victor West

Hunky Oklahoma bear Victor West is a country guy to the core. He wears his cowboy boots when he’s looking to have a good ol’ time. In this jerk off video, Victor strokes his dick and shows off his hairy butt. You’ll want to give this hairy cowboy a long hard ride.

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Servicing hairy Tony

Tony gets his dick sucked

We got a text from Tony on Sunday afternoon asking us if there was a sucker around. We texted back that we had one over sucking off a guy at the moment. He texted back telling us to not to let the sucker leave, cause he wants head today!

The cocksucker was happy to put his plans on hold and wait around to suck off Tony. Since it was a Sunday, his day off from the family pizzeria, Tony arrived within 30 minutes. He was ready to drop his pants as soon as he walked it.

He had gotten a blowjob a few days earlier from a girl that he was dating but he says it was such a bad blowjob that he needs a great one to erase the memory. Tony said it was a shame cause she was a real hot girl, but he says if she can’t suck he” ain’t gonna waste his time.”

The Bad blowjob memory was successfully erased, based on the big load Tony shot!

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Johnny Hazzard’s prison 3way with Gio Cruz and Aitor Crash

Johnny Hazard, Gio Cruz and Aitor Crash

I think we’ve all had those gay prison sex fantasies haven’t we? I know I’ve read a few stories about real guys who went into prison completely straight and soon found out how much they liked the taste of cock, and how much they really liked to fuck with other guys too.

So when I see a video with a gay prison sex theme I’m definitely downloading it, and I always know that it’s gonna get me shooting hard by the end of it. I especially know it’s gonna be a hot shoot when guys like Aitor Crash, Gio Cruz and Johnny Hazzard are involved!

Johnny Hazzard is the gorgeous and rough looking inked hunk locked up alongside muscle man Aitor Crash in this video, with prison guard Gio Cruz horny to watch some man-on-man action between the two.

But who wouldn’t, right? Just look at those guys, you’d have to be straighter than straight to not want to see them sucking each other off and fucking some ass!

The gorgeous Johnny Hazzard is always hungry for cock, and he wastes no time sucking back the solid tool of his muscled cell partner as their gay prison fuck gets underway. Gio Cruz watches on, revealing his own throbbing shaft and jerking off to the sight as the men go at each other, sucking their cellmate off before Johnny Hazzard willingly offers up his slightly hairy hole for Aitor Crash to ram!

Bent over and stuffed with dick from both ends, Johnny Hazzard blows Gio’s big banana cock through the bars as Aitor Crash fills him with his inches from behind!

This is one fucking hot shoot, and you’ll only be cooled off at the end with some splashing loads of jizz as all the guys let loose and empty their balls!

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Bareback Daddy Flip-Flop Fucking

Ardon Masters and Alexander flip flop

I don’t think that many sites do the bareback daddy ass fucking quite like the guys at Daddy Raunch do. When I’m in the mood to watch some really horny fuckers sliding their naked dicks into each other, that’s always on my list of sites to check out.

I was there last night looking for something really hard and horny to stroke out a cum load to and found this recent video. I knew it was one you guys would love! Both Alexander and Ardon get their snug asses totally stuffed in this flip-flop fuck video, but there’s a lot of cock that needs sucking before they get to those hungry holes!

Ardon Masters is one of those guys I love to see sucking dick. The guy has one of those pendulous and pierced dicks himself, but the way he swallows cock puts a whole load of those twink cock suckers to shame!

He works over Alexanders solid shaft like a real pro, but his dick is eager to slide into a wet and warm mouth too. Alexander takes it all, piercings included, as he licks and sucks on the swollen head of that cock and works his mouth over those inches. But this wouldn’t be the Daddy Raunch we love so much if there weren’t some raw inches of dick meat sliding into some tight ass, and Arden Masters is all too eager to take it.

He offers up his smoothly shaved hole for his buddy to lick out, prepping it for his cock. Then Alexander is sliding his shaft in deep, fucking that man cunt the way Ardon loves! I can imagine how good that feels for Alexander as he plunges all of his hard inches in deep, giving that hairy bareback daddy the dicking he deserves.

There’s only one way that bareback daddy fuck can end, and that’s with Alexander’s fresh cum load being fucked into that ass. He pulls out to squirt his semen, splashing it all over that eager fuckers hot hole, then slams his fuck stick right back in! I love the feel of fucking a guy with my warm load, and the sight of that cum-covered cock easing in and out as the climax eases and fades is a fucking sweet sight!

But of course, this is a flip-flop fuck, and Ardon Masters has his own wet mess to deliver too. He gives his bareback daddy the same treatment, sliding his pierced pole into that tight butt and riding his buddy the way he needs, eventually pulling out just in time to hose that ass down and cum-fuck it himself too.

It’s one of those wet and messy fucks that’s gonna have a lot of you squirting some impressive jizz loads, make sure you check this out video!

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Ari Gypsy fucks Brenn Wyson

Ari Gypsy fucks Brenn Wyson

This week on we have a special treat as we pair up sexy Ari Gypsy with Brenn Wyson. Ari is beating off to porn on his phone when Brenn walks in and joins him. Brenn undoes his pants and hauls out his fat cock that gets rock hard in seconds as they both stroke to the video. Ari can’t help but notice Brenn’s fat dick and it peaks his curiosity. He shuts off the phone and gets on his knees to get some of that dick.

He spits on that head and gets to work on Brenn’s meat. Brenn moans as Ari takes his dick deep. Brenn holds Ari’s head as he bobs it up and down on his throbbing cock as he goes back to watching porn on Ari’s phone. Brenn then gets Ari on the couch to give him a little of the same as he goes down on his cock. Brenn jacks that dick for Ari as he takes it all the way down his throat.

Ari just lays back and watches as his dick disappears into Brenn’s eager mouth as he sucks and slurps on his rod. Ari’s ass is next on the menu as Brenn starts to eat that ass! out making Ari moan like a bitch. That gets Ari rock hard and in the mood to fuck some ass. Brenn gets on the couch and gives it up as Ari slides his dick inside and starts fucking him doggy style. Ari loves that tight ass as he pounds away at that ass.

“C’mon fuck my ass!” Brenn groans as Ari taps that ass. Ari then pulls out and sits back as Brenn straddles his meat and sits down on it. “Fuck that ass is tight” Ari grunts as his dick goes back inside. Brenn starts to ride that dick like a jockey bouncing up and down wanting every inch of that dick deep inside him. Brenn is rock hard as he gets that ass stretched and can’t help but jack his dick as he gets plowed.

Missionary is gonna do the trick as he slams that dick deep in that ass. Brenn beats his dick faster as Ari’s meat sends him over the edge. He blows his wad all over his abs as Ari pulls out and sends his own huge batch all over Brenn. He explodes a massive load coating everything from Brenn’s face and chest al! l the way down to his now cum covered cock.

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