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Daddy Raunch: Filthy Man Sex

HDK Daddy Raunch

Hot Desert Knights brings you it’s hottest, most extreme Daddy DVD yet, Daddy Raunch! Featuring top Daddy Porn Stars Tober Brandt, Parker and Mason Garet, this scene goes over the top and under the holes in no hold bars sling fuck, bareback orgy action!

Big cocks pound holes as these real men grunt, groan and grovel for every piece of raw ass juice they can suck and fuck. These filthy men love to shoot assloads of cum then lick it out of the dirty hole. Extreme anal action as only Hot Desert Knights can produce. You need to see it to believe it!!

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Bareback Daddy Flip-Flop Fucking

Ardon Masters and Alexander flip flop

I don’t think that many sites do the bareback daddy ass fucking quite like the guys at Daddy Raunch do. When I’m in the mood to watch some really horny fuckers sliding their naked dicks into each other, that’s always on my list of sites to check out.

I was there last night looking for something really hard and horny to stroke out a cum load to and found this recent video. I knew it was one you guys would love! Both Alexander and Ardon get their snug asses totally stuffed in this flip-flop fuck video, but there’s a lot of cock that needs sucking before they get to those hungry holes!

Ardon Masters is one of those guys I love to see sucking dick. The guy has one of those pendulous and pierced dicks himself, but the way he swallows cock puts a whole load of those twink cock suckers to shame!

He works over Alexanders solid shaft like a real pro, but his dick is eager to slide into a wet and warm mouth too. Alexander takes it all, piercings included, as he licks and sucks on the swollen head of that cock and works his mouth over those inches. But this wouldn’t be the Daddy Raunch we love so much if there weren’t some raw inches of dick meat sliding into some tight ass, and Arden Masters is all too eager to take it.

He offers up his smoothly shaved hole for his buddy to lick out, prepping it for his cock. Then Alexander is sliding his shaft in deep, fucking that man cunt the way Ardon loves! I can imagine how good that feels for Alexander as he plunges all of his hard inches in deep, giving that hairy bareback daddy the dicking he deserves.

There’s only one way that bareback daddy fuck can end, and that’s with Alexander’s fresh cum load being fucked into that ass. He pulls out to squirt his semen, splashing it all over that eager fuckers hot hole, then slams his fuck stick right back in! I love the feel of fucking a guy with my warm load, and the sight of that cum-covered cock easing in and out as the climax eases and fades is a fucking sweet sight!

But of course, this is a flip-flop fuck, and Ardon Masters has his own wet mess to deliver too. He gives his bareback daddy the same treatment, sliding his pierced pole into that tight butt and riding his buddy the way he needs, eventually pulling out just in time to hose that ass down and cum-fuck it himself too.

It’s one of those wet and messy fucks that’s gonna have a lot of you squirting some impressive jizz loads, make sure you check this out video!

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Matt Sizemore’s Adventures

Daddy Raunch

This shot scene takes place outdoors in the scenic canyons and beautiful desert surrounding Palm Springs, CA. The bareback adventure follows super-star Matt Sizemore on his exciting hike in search of daring and reckless hikers wandering the dangerous edge of Cum Canyon, No happy trail is left uncharted, not a crevice or cave goes unexplored, and nothing unnatural stands in Sizemore’s way as he scales the bottoms of the mountain to stand as the top – spewing his loads in thirsty holes along the way. Sizemore and his massive cock!

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